Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Atheism and Media

In the recent weeks, either because I've become more aware of religious bigotry or because I've increased my daily dose of media psychobabble or because it is an actual trend, I've noted a growth in the idiosyncratic ocean of drivel has taken over the air waves.
It is of interest for me that, as the small snow ball of rationalism and atheism rolls down the snow laden mountain, it is gaining more momentum and growing faster by the minute.
Given these two facts (A positive trend in rationality in society, and a negative trend in reason in media) I can only conclude that as the Atheist population grows, that Media's portrayal of the Nation (I live in America) as a religious Christian state grows. I can only hope this is like the uncanny valley, a temporary plummet into the unreasonable before the rapid climb to well reasoned actuality.

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